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My name is Jill Griffin and I am a physician practicing in Northampton, Massachusetts. My practice is where I offer house calls by bicycle (and in the office at times).

A recurring question in my practice (both as an Emergency Physician and with is whether or not I will agree to recommend “Medical Marijuana” to my patients.

After much reflection and evaluation of the pros and cons of the Humanitarian Use of Medical Marijuana, I have decided to support it and recommend it to patients that have a genuine need. During my career I have cared for tens of thousands of patients and I have learned that most of my patient’s that use marijuana have a legitimate reason for doing so. Whether it is chronic pain, PTSD, HIV, anxiety, depression, insomnia, spasticity, glaucoma, cancer, fibromyalgia, poor appetite, chronic fatigue or a multitude of other diseases, for some reason, Marijuana seems to help and often has fewer side effects than drugs that I do prescribe on a regular basis.


Hi, My name is Steven Goshea, I am trying to download your request form to become a patient of yours, but I can not download it for some reason. Can you help me out with this, please.
Thank you


Jill Griffin is a very professional physician. She is very nice and is very welcoming in her office. I'm on a ton of medications and thanks to her practice I am able to get off almost all of them. If you have a real issue and think that medical marijuana would help improve your condition I highly recommend her office. Overall great experience!

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