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If you believe you qualify for a Massachusetts Medical Marijuana ID card, and would like to schedule an appointment with a qualified doctor, please call our office at +1.781.382.8053.

We are committed to the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Program and to the legal protection it provides to qualified individuals. The purpose of Canna Consultants is to provide information, resources and training to individuals interested in providing/receiving services under the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Program.


i m a patient's at canna care docs i has appointment at 10/14/ 14 it on tuesday but you were close on that day so what should i do ?
please contract me 978-349-1441 and email-

vun ouk

lic# 78921


First off, NOT a profit doctor. The best quality about them. If they believe medical marijuana will help you, then they'll certify you. $200 if you qualify, but $150 refunded if you don't. I went to their south boston office location so I can only speak for this exact office. No appointments or medical history needed(only if out of state) first come first serve basis! The wait of 45 minutes seemed a little TOO long since I was only the second person there. But I walked in right at 9:50 am (opening early, can't beat that!) and they handed me some pre-evaluation papers, ya know the legal jargon, basically agreeing that 1. Smoking mariujana is harmful, 2. You are paying $50 for the doctors time no matter what, and 3 . Smoking while medicated is still illegal (under certain circumstances). After you fill out the necessary paperwork they send you into the pre-evaluation nurse to get your vitals checked and this is when she gives you lowdown on how to safely consume your marijuana, how to safely extract cannabinoids, best strain for your symptoms, and the basic legal terms for every patient/caregiver. She was very helpful with referring me to trusted caregivers and dispensaries that were out of state. After this you can see the actually doctor. I was evaluated by Dr. David Rideout M.D. And he's was very kind. He asks about your past medical conditions and how marijuana benefits your symptoms. If you qualify he then rights out a written recommendation and an actual certificate of recommendation. After this they hand you an informational packet including legal papers, recipes, and buissiness cards. For an addition $20 you can get a hard copy card of your certificate, just or novelty of course. I don't believe it's considered a legal document like the actual registration card from Department of Public Health. But hey it's cool to show off to friends! All in all I had a great experience. Quick, speedy, informative, and NOT profit docs. I refer everyone who I believe will benefit from medical marijuana to CANNA CARE DOCS of south boston.


100% safe and confidential.

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