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At Berkshire Buds, we are medical marijuana ”Personal Caregivers” assisting registered Marijuana Patients from “Seed to Weed” All aspects of medical marijuana covered. Discreet delivery available.

Berkshire Buds is in 100% Compliance with Section 14(B) & Section 2(J) of the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Laws and “An Initiative Petition for a Law for the Humanitarian Medical Use of Marijuana” Petition Number 11-11 of 2012

We are not a Medical Marijuana Dispensary or a “Medical Marijuana Treatment Center” We are Medical Marijuana Personal Caregivers


I am a new patient looking for a responsible, knowledgeable and reasonable caregiver in the Taunton, Massachusetts area. I am fully disabled and suffer from chronic, debillitating pain of chronic migraines and cluster headaches. I also have a lot of issues with nausea and insomnia. The strains that seem to work best for me are Indigas and Sativas like the super sour diesle. I would need someone to deliver or ship my medication to me. Thank you for your attention to my sittuation. I can be reached at 508-837-9486, calls or texts.

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